Sunday, May 17, 2009

What happened??

Just trying to figure out exactly when this precious, adorable, red-headed toddler:

became this handsome, responsible, smarter-than-his-mom, young man.
(Please disregard the fact that he's sitting in a boat with a gun...he assured me he wasn't shooting fish.)

And how is it possible that my angelic, loving, beautiful baby girl:

could be almost a woman already?

Tell me when this sweet, chubby-cheeked, blue-eyed, bald-headed baby boy...

became this tall, lanky, long-legged, handsome almost 12 year old?
(And the girls are calling already!)

And my BABY? My little, itty-bitty, lovey-dovey, teeny-tiny Pip Squeak?
(Don't you just wanna kiss him? Pick him up and squeeze him?)

When did he become a big boy?? WHO said he could? I never gave permission for these children to grow up so fast!

What's going on around here?


a Tonggu Momma said...

What's going on? You are getting OLD. We all are. Sigh.

AZ Chapman said...

nice pics

Chelsea Gour said...

Oh. My. Gosh! Those are the most adorable baby pictures! I just wanna squeeze and kiss them ALL! But yeah, thanks for reminding me of how fast mine are growing up too.......Paul says that is the reason I want I won't notice that the others are growing up!

Brianna said...

I can't wait.... I mean, I will, but I'm anxious to have my own, ya know?

Calder said...

I wish someone would explain it to me too!

Love those red headed babies. So cute.