Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Prayer Meetin'

"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another."

John 13:35
It's absolutely GORGEOUS outside here today! I don't have a long commentary for you today since the school year's winding down and there are programs, awards days, sports banquets, standardized testing and report cards going on. (Excuses, I know.) I'm so incredibly glad that the school year's almost done and we're going to begin our homeschool journey this fall. (A little apprehensive, bit excited.) I'm looking forward to a special birthday...someone's turning sweet 16 around here. And I'm glad that Hubby's better and back at work! Whew!
So...why don't you just go out there and smile at someone today. Be happy. Take your light out from under it's bushel and let it shine! Love each other and mean it. Don't make me sing "This Little Light of Mine" at you. You wouldn't like it!
I do have a request...this one I just learned of. My step-brother's little girl fell off of her scooter or bike or something and has broken both her ankle AND her knee. She's going to be in a full leg cast for several weeks. First of all, OUCH!! Secondly, that really stinks. Nine years old and stuck in a cast at the very beginning of summer. She is an excellent swimmer and competes on a team...but no swimming now. Also, she was very excited to be heading to camp with her best friends for two weeks this summer...and that's out of the question. So would you please pray for her speedy recovery and for her summer to be extra fantastic anyway??
And then, pray for my mom and step-dad who are flying back from Mexico today. Pray for their safety and that they don't have Swine Flu. We don't want it! Thanks!!
Any other requests? Praises? Why are you happy today?


Brianna said...

Well, I wasn't happy today. Not at school anyway. I'm never happy at school anymore. I kinda wish I had read this post this morning (except I was at school and therefore could not) because I might have tryed something different and smiled.
But tomorrow I'll try that whole happy thing you speak of. :)

Chelsea Gour said...

Chiming in a little late today....ummmm, tonight. Sorry. Don't worry about homeschooling, I PROMISE, it will be even! Okay, not fun everyday, but worth it anyway. I feel for that little girl. Thankfully, Noah will be out of his cast in less than two weeks! I laughed at your threat of singing "This little light of mine". OMGosh, how many times did I sing that one. It was Noah's favorite bedtime song for when I rocked every night. Parker's was Michael Row Your Boat. Good memories.