Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday Prayer Meetin'

I stumbled across the video above and knew that I had to use it for Prayer Meetin' today. Well, no, let me rephrase that, I didn't stumble across it, God led me to it. He does things like that. Because He knows best.
See, Brianna (with 2 N's) left a comment last week that I haven't been able to get off my mind. She's struggling with friendships and hurting because of the decisions some of her friends are making. It's tough being a teenager. Especially when you're trying very hard to fit in but still be the kind of example a Christian kid should be. Brianna, I want you to know I've kept you in my thoughts and prayers all week. Don't give up. You're where you are for a reason. Don't stop reaching out to your friends. Be there for them. You never know who you might be influencing for Christ. I think part of the message of the video is that we should hang in there and keep trying. OK, Brianna, I will move on....I just wanted you to know that I think you're a wonderful young lady who's going places in life...don't be discouraged, girl!!
(Did I mention the video was made by a church Youth Group. Teenagers! I think they did an amazing job!)
More importantly, though, the song is about reaching out to those we know who are lost. That's not so easy, is it? We ALL have friends, family, co-workers, neighbors who aren't saved and don't see the need to be. How many times have we sat next to a mom at soccer practice, or stood in the yard chatting with the next-door neighbor and something inside your head says "Why don't you invite them to church?" or "Tell them that God loves them!"
No? Well, maybe it's just me...I hear voices in my head all the time. I try not to listen to them, but they won't shut up...sometimes they tell me to eat chocolate for dinner...or go take a nap...or not do the laundry today! I like it when the voices tell me those things. I get all nervous when the voices tell me to share God with people.
Anyway, what it boils down to is this: I know my children are saved. I know my husband is saved. But I have NO IDEA about some other family members or friends. Some of them think they're going to heaven just because they aren't as bad as others. God wouldn't send them to hell because they don't beat their kids or do drugs. Right? Others think that they'll get in because they always donate to the Children's Hospital or because they don't lie or they never lose their temper. God only sends really BAD people to the flaming pits. Murderers and such.
Except, no. That's NOT right. And you know what? I never speak up. It's easy to preach to the internets...not so easy to say it to someone's face. I worry that I will be seperated from people that I dearly LOVE...forEVER! But I don't say anything.
So this week...pray for me! Pray that I will have the courage to open my mouth. Pray that THIS time I'll do like the song says and speak the Words of Life to those who matter to me. What AM I afraid of? That they won't talk to me any more? They won't like me? Who cares? That they might be offended? So what? Nothing could be worse than hell.
And, I don't know, maybe you might want to speak up, too? Or maybe you already do.
Also...little Landen (I was spelling his name wrong, too.) has had a biopsy on his tummy. He's been allowed to eat for the first time in over a month, and he kept about 4 ounces down the last I heard. He's gained some weight, but may still be on his way to surgery in the near future. Pray for healing and good progress. And pray for his mama. She's had quite enough of hospitals and doctors and such.
Kayleigh Freeman passed away this week. If you haven't read about Kayleigh, I warn you, you will need an entire box of tissues. Her family was on tv yesterday...The Doctors...discussing Kayleigh's life and the financial issues that they have faced due to her long hospitalization. They seem like very sweet people. They're hurting from the loss of their baby girl. They need your prayers.
Claire!! Claire has been a part of the Gour family for a YEAR now! How amazing is it that God can bring a family together over thousands of miles and many obstacles? And praises for all of the progress that Claire has made this year! She's an incredible little girl.
Thank you for all your prayers for my Hubby! He's back at work now and on the mend. I'll be doing to yard work for a while, but he's better!
How can we pray for you?
**I used the word hell a lot...oops...probably going to throw my blog rating way over into the Parental Guidance Strongly Recommended side...but whatever!**


Michelle said...

i see that you already know about kaleigh. i saw that they were going to ge on the dr show but i didnt see it. they do seem to be a very strong family.

bri, hang in there like stephanie said!

my friend debbie is having surgery in about 10 min. she found out this week she has stage 4 colon cancer & a mass in her abdomen. she also has spots on her liver & lungs. today is the beginning of a long road for her & her family.

chelsea has a cold & so do i. these are minor compared to the other things mentioned here, but we would like to feel better.

Brianna said...

I read the first paragragh and figured I'd better watch the video before I continue. I hadn't even gotten halfway into the song before I started bawling. It's a song I play to myself often.
Thanks for your prayers, and I'll pray for you too. For all of us, even, that we might find it in our hearts to stand up this time.

Tammy said...

I prayed for Brianna too this week!

I think I have mentioned before about Daniel, a student in our high school. He has a rare infection in his lungs and yesterday he had the infected part of his lung removed. He is doing well post-op, but please pray for his recovery.

And we have exciting times at our church this weekend...our new Pastor begins. Excitement is in the air! God is working!

Thank you! And I LOVE that video.