Monday, May 11, 2009


When children become teenagers they don't spend as much time at home as they did when they were smaller and reliant on mom and dad to take them everywhere. The older they get, the less we see of them. Which is good, I suppose. (After all, the idea is that one day they will move out on their own for good, right?) Sometimes, though, we sit here shaking our heads and wondering when we saw them last. Especially the Oldest who's busy with work, college, fire department and friends. In fact, this weekend we saw so little of our teens that I've created a sort of checklist so that Hubby and I can know for sure if we've actually seen them or just imagined it.

Signs that the Oldest is home:
1. Music thumping from his downstairs room so loudly that my bedroom floor vibrates.
2. An empty Zaxby's cup left on the counter right ABOVE the trash can.
3. Leftover, boxed up food from wherever he and his girlfriend had dinner last night is stuffed into the fridge...where it will remain until someone else eats it because they never eat the same thing two times in a row.
4. Washer is stuffed to capacity with jeans, shorts, t-shirts, socks, underwear and everything else he can't get by with wearing once more. These items won't make it into the dryer unless I notice them, but still...he STARTED washing them. Right?

Signs that Darling Daughter is at home:
1. SINGING coming from the den at volumes that will rival the stereo downstairs. She can't listen to or think about music without singing along. Ever.
2. A half-empty glass of tea or blue Powerade is melting and sweating all over the desk in the den where she has been talking to her freinds on Facebook.
3. The leftover, boxed up food that Oldest brought home from wherever he and his girlfriend ate last night is sitting empty on the kitchen table because it looked good to Darling Daughter and she was hungry, so she ate it FOR them. Since they didn't take her with them in the first place.
4. There are no clean towels in the linen closet no matter how many I just folded...because she has showered, swam, showered, gone somewhere, come home, swam some more, showered again or rewashed her hair. And hasn't used the same towel all day.

I really can't complain much, though. They are good kids. It will be too quiet around here when they're grown and on their own. They're thoughtful kids...they snuck to the mall on their own and bought me a gift card for Mother's Day...and the sweetest card, too. They each put their own message on it...and even got the twins to sign it, too!

And by sign, I mean Quatro's case he did just that. He SIGNED. HIS. NAME. That's it. No, "Love you, Mom." Nothing. Just first and last name as if it were a legal document. But you know what? That's him. That's what makes him unique. Because the other three poured out their hearts. And Quatro did what he was told. Precisely. He signed the card.

I haven't had much response to the giveaway, so I'm going to have to assume that don't want any of these dvds haven't had time to comment. Except Briana, thank you, Briana! I thought that most people who read here would at least be interested in the one about Creation and Genesis. It seems like a good choice. There's still time to check the dvds out and enter if you want. Just check out the previous post. I would enter if I were you...because you never know what the next giveaway will be. It could something really exciting like a Ferrari and free gas for a year and I might only include those people who entered this one...just saying.


Brianna said...

I don't particulary like Farrari's (call me crazy, but they look funny), thanks though. :)
Two "n's" in Brianna, but that's okay. Close enough. I've been called Brianne all year long because some FCA people mis-heard my name and now, I don't want to point it out, because it's been all year already. :)

I love your sense of humor; you keep me laughing all throughout the post. :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Ah... the things I have to look forward to. And I'm thinking showtunes might be in my future...