Thursday, May 7, 2009

Double standard, what??

If you've ever read here before than you're probably aware that we have a daughter. One who will be sixteen years old in no less than 36 days. One who will then be allowed to get her driver's license and also begin to date. At least that was the rule...sixteen to drive alone (if ready) and sixteen to start dating. However, as we rapidly approach the date of doom...

Her daddy and her older brother are somewhat freaking out. I casually mentioned yesterday that she should be allowed to ride to school with her friend who has been driving for a while and lives two blocks from our home. They would pretty much be leaving at the same time I would leave to drop off the twins, so I could almost follow them the entire...oh...two whole school. They'd be on their own for about 500 feet or so, but I don't know, call me crazy, I'm thinking it's fairly safe.

Well, you would think that I asked for her to be allowed to ride shotgun in a NASCAR race with a serial killer. "How well do we know this girl?" "What do you know about her driving?" "What if they're late to school?" "What if it rains?" "What if she's running late and tries to put her makeup on while she's driving to school with MY daughter in the car??"

Let me reiterate: It's 2.1 miles from our driveway to the school parking lot. There is ONE turn. There is ONE stop sign. There is a POLICE OFFICER directing traffic into the school. Obviously danger, danger, danger! Chaos and tragedy are sure to ensue the moment she climbs into the vehicle with this girl. Oh the decisions we must agonize over!!

Did I mention that she wants to go out to eat and then ride home with her friends (to our house) after Relay For Life this weekend?? That brought forth arguments from both her daddy and her brother. Apparently the Waffle House in our little town is a den of iniquity the likes of which have never been known in these parts. Who knew? And riding home at midnight? Probably not gonna happen because everyone knows that the really creepy dudes hang out at cancer walks just waiting for teenage girls to eat at Waffle House and then they follow them home!

The funny thing is that our oldest, a boy, was allowed to go out and stay out until 11:30 or 12:00 when he was sixteen. Sixteen was considered old enough and responsible enough to be out with friends and come home before the freaks and drunk bar-hoppers hit the roads. I suppose the freaks that used to come out at midnight are now on the go much earlier in the evening.

It looks like Darling Daughter and I will be fighting an uphill battle. Of course I want her to be safe, but I also want her to enjoy her last couple of years in high school. She's a good girl and her friends are terrific and trustworthy. She should be able to hang out with them.

If you agree...leave a comment! Maybe if all us moms bombard the Dad he'll give in a little?? :)


Chelsea Gour said...

Well, I definitely think that she should be allowed to go in a car with her friend to school and out with cars....some. I mean, if her friends are as good a kid as she is then it's a no brainer. But, I'm siding with Daddy on the dating thing. I don't believe in "unchaperoned" dating in the teen years. And by unchaperoned I just mean completely alone. With other friends is fine. And, that is not a reflection on DD, because I know she's a good kid! You don't have to tell Dad that I sided with him! :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

While the Tongginator does not have an older brother, I love that she has two older male cousins... ones who will protect her from Dens of Iniquity like the local Waffle House. LOL. Although I do agree with Dad and Big Brother on the group dating thing. But the group should not include Older Brother.

mendyc said...

Well if she is allowed to ride in the car with her dad and older brother then I think she would probably be safer with her teenage friends! :P But I have a car seat she can borrow if it will make them feel better. lol I have to agree with Chelsea's comment about dating. She should double date with friends at least for a little while but definitely lose the parental chaperones! And the big brother chaperone too!

Michelle said...

ok chelsea, where all did we go when we were 16? at least we werent getting into trouble. i know your daughter is as good (maybe better) than chelsea & i were so i say let her go! if you know the other person drives well then things should be good. (however that school parking lot is another thing!) she is a responsible girl & would call you if anything happened or she needed help. & i do think the police frequent the waffle house at all hours of the night so she should be safe there too. come on dad, let her go!!

Brianna said...

I'm agreeing with both sides. Definately let her ride to school with her friend. You have to trust her judgement of good drivers. She's a pretty level- headed kid right? Then she probably wouldn't get in the car with someone she wouldn't trust behind the wheel.
I think she needs a little freedom and you can give her that without letting her run wild. But do not let her date alone. Without chaperones(that includes Big Brother) definately, but not with out other friends. A group dating thing is okay, but not just her and a guy. Alone. Bad idea. Not that she's not trustworthy, but I've seen several trustworthy-levelheaded-girls do the whole alone dating thing and it hasn't worked out very well. Bad idea. I'm almost(almost, being in September) 16 and that's kind of young to be dating alone. So I guess I agree with Aunt Chelsea on that one. But I think she should have been allowed to go out this past weekend for Relay For Life. Did she?

She's got her cell phone, if she needs anything, trust her to call. If you don't trust her with small things, how's she ever going to prove herself responsible with the bigger, inevitable things?