Friday, May 15, 2009

Ch ch ch changes...

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Maybe I have mentioned once or twice before that my twins are polar opposites. I may have brought up the fact that the Pip Squeak likes to keep his shirts ironed, his bed made, his hair short and his tiny little arm pits slathered in deodorant. (Just ask his dad who has to traipse all over the house looking for his deodorant every morning because Pip has absconded with it yet again.)

I might have pointed out that Quatro is one of those boys who doesn't believe in bathing more than once a month. If we the Hubby and I didn't drag him by his shaggy head and dunk him daily in a soapy tub, he'd absolutely reek and he wouldn't even care. Clean clothes? What for? They'll just get dirty again. Make his bed? Isn't he going to sleep there tonight? What's the point? Where SOCKS?? Too much trouble...who will notice if my feet smell dead anyway?

Ah, but there has been a change, my readers. Suddenly Quatro combs his hair into meticulous waves each morning. He pulls clean socks out of his drawer and puts them on his feet! And...are you sitting down for this...he brushed his teeth THREE TIMES this morning! With TOOTHPASTE!

The power of a blond-headed 11 year old girl. A fifth grade crush. It's positively life-altering! Reagan, we love you, dear! We thank you from the bottom of our, umm, noses!


Tammy said...

LOL! My boy is the epitome of cleanliness, and he hasn't noticed girls yet. I wonder what will happen when he does?? :-)

Michelle said...

LOL!! it is amazing what love will do hu? (or at least a crush!)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Ah... fifth grade crushes. Mine was on a boy named Chad. Yep. I shot up to five feet eight inches by eighth grade. He remains about five three/ five four. So that about killed the romance in his eyes.