Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Prayer Meetin'

Proverbs 16:3
" Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. "

My praise this week: Our favorite little Pip Squeak earned his next belt in Jiu Jitsu last night. We're SO proud of him and thankful for all of the progress God has allowed him to make.

**By the way, no, that isn't me yelling and talking in the video...that's baby Landon's mama. That's her older son Ethan on the far left grinning from ear to ear...he's 6...he and Pip are buddies.**

**Just for informational purposes, the girl in between them is NINE years old. You see why we call him a Pip Squeak??**

**Also, no music this week, so just hum to yourself, ok?**

Could you please say a prayer for Stellan today? If you haven't heard his story...well...what rock have you been hiding under? Stellan's name has been written in the sands of deserts and the snow on mountain tops. And just about every blogger in America wore orange on Tuesday in support of him. (Except me, I don't have orange. It looks awful on me.) This little fellow has just come through heart surgery and has a long road ahead of him, so offer up a prayer for him, please.

Also, our sweetie-pie Landon had a study done last Friday and it seems that his tummy is not emptying. At all. As in, he isn't digesting but about 8% of his feeds during a length of time when he should have digested almost all of it. His parents aren't sure what the next step will be, but for now he's still got the feeding tube in his nose and the doctors will be doing a few more studies.

How can we pray for you? Do you have any praises this week?


Heather BT said...

New here. I have praises that we are going to China to bring home our daughter Calliandra and that we have, with God's blessings, raised 7000 towards the trip.
Prayers would be for;
peace and travel mercies for her as she travels from her foster home back to her orphanage today.
Prayers for more financial blessings to flow our way.
Heather BT

mendyc said...

Yay! Go Pip go!!!!!!!

AZ Chapman said...


a Tonggu Momma said...

Finally checking in today and boy do we need prayer... a close childhood friend will be moving in with us for several weeks (no more than one month) as she is separating from her husband. Pray for safety(!), wisdom and a whole host of other things as we navigate this difficult situation. (At this point, reconciliation would be unwise.)

Chelsea Gour said...

Way to go Pip! So proud!! We give glory for Claire's good health and for His provision! Also, my sister and her husband reconciled!!!! She is thrilled and back with her family. Long story, I'll tell you about later. But, please pray for my niece. Not that sister's child, the other sister's child. She is out of control and her parents have given up trying to reel her in. It's a bad situation.

The Momster said...

Just wanted to say congrats to Pip Squeak on his promotion! That's AWESOME!!!!