Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Prayer Meetin'

"For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds," says the Lord.

(Jeremiah 30:17)

Last night we ended up in the wrong Walmart at the right time. Only two lanes were open, and the store was pretty busy. Hubby was a little aggravated because we had to wait in a crowded line to pay for our one item, and it was almost his bedtime! In front of us, a tiny pale baby boy sat in a shopping cart, flirting with Darling Daughter. He clapped his little hands and grinned as she "baby-talked" at him and he babbled back. Small children seem drawn to her. It's interesting to watch. I asked his mom how old he was and we made small talk. Somehow, during the few minutes in line, Darling Daughter ended up holding this sweet little fellow as he played with her curls and touched her face. Darling Daughter noticed that he had an electronic hospital band around one ankle. Straightforward as always, she asked questions, and his mom shared her story with us right there in Walmart. She lost her husband when she was 8 months pregnant with her little one. And Aubrey, her precious, blue-eyed 10 month old is having open heart surgery this morning. Coincidentally (or not!) he will be in the same hospital as our friends' baby, Landon, who is having a feeding tube placed this week. The mom gave us their names and so I think Darling Daughter and I will stop in with a care package when we go visit Landon and his mom this afternoon. But I wanted to ask you all to remember this family in your prayers. All of my troubles seem so small today compared to facing a life-threatening surgery on my infant with no one by my side. Would you pray for Aubrey and his mom? Maybe, if you feel lead to, could you mention him on your blog, too?
The more prayers going up for this sweetie-pie, the better.

Also, if you've been around the blog-o-sphere a time or two, I'm sure you've met Stellan. If not, you should head over right now and get a dose of that adorable smile. Then go and pray for him to improve.
And our little buddy, Landon. Landon's four months old and has such severe reflux that he's been losing weight. He's going to have the fundoplication surgery and a feeding tube in his soon as he's hydrated and strong enough to please the doctors. Until then, he and his mommy are hanging out at the hospital, waiting, while he gets his meals through his nose.

How can we pray for you this week? Do you have needs or praises? Share them with us.
God cares!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Praying for all of these precious babies this week especially! As for us, praise God we are finally well.

Michelle said...

well, i am a day late but just said prayers for all already mentioned.

chelsea's mom still isnt doing well.

a friends dad got some not so good news, not life threatening but not good.

my mother in law broke her wrist 2 weeks ago &got her hard cast on mon. she has gone back to smoking since breaking her wrist. she needs to quit again!!!!

my dog bo is still hurting & i cant find any meds to make it completely go away.

on a good note~ a supervisor at work got a GREAT report from his dr, no active cancer. this is great considering they told him he was in stage 4 cancer. i have a friend who just had a baby yesterday & both are doing well. another friend just found out she is pregnant.

Tammy said...

God sometimes puts us in the right place at the right time.

And Stellan's story is so amazing.

mendyc said...

Monkey had his ENT appt today. He has to go for more blood work to check his immune system and other stuff and another CT of his sinuses. He may have to have surgery to scrape out his sinuses. :(

Vera said...

So many sweet babies to pray for! What an amazing story about your Walmart story - and what a blessing to that family to "happen to" meet you at this time.