Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well, OK, Darling Daughter doesn't have a human sister, but when a brother isn't good enough Lucy will do in a pinch. Lucy loves girlie things...like baths, toenail polish, pretty pink collars and fluffy pillows. She's particularly thrilled that since she and Darling Daughter are the only other females in the house (besides me, and I don't know about the fish) they get to share a bedroom. Lucy approves of the recent room makeover and especially loves snuggling down under Darling Daughter's chin for a snooze at night. This is a recent development, since Lucy was required to learn to behave herself before being allowed to sleep in her sister's room, and she's proved to be a slow learner. They've been together off & on for a few weeks now. And Lucy knows when it's bedtime. She waits anxiously for the signal that it's ok to hop up onto the comforter.
Unfortunately for Lucy, the gig is up. No more soft covers. No more waking up the girl with face licks. No more sharing a room. It's over, Lucy, I'm torn up about it, but you'll just have to make do.

During the room-sharing Darling Daughter slowly went from "Able to Draw Breath and See Clearly" to "Stuffy, Sneezy, Itchy, Watery Eyes, Headaches and Misery."
One dogless night with clean sheets and allergy meds proved it. She's somewhat allergic to the mutt. I mean the Hybrid Chiweenie.
Sorry, Sister! We still love ya, but it's back to the Laundry Room for you.


The Momster said...

Cute - The Bug told me once that she thought I loved Cinnamon more... ha!

mendyc said...

Aww poor Woo-see! :( Maybe you should let her have the bed and put Darling Daughter in the laundry room. lol Just kidding DD. I love you! :D

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, no! Poor Darling Daughter. I'm allergic to dogs, too, and it is no fun. It does, however, help you out when making dating decisions.

Michelle said...

oh no!!! poor lucy!!!! maybe she could have her own bed in DD's room!! dont banish her to the laundry room!