Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Stuff

  1. Only about 10 more days until we get the decision on Governor's School. Given the changes that are being made in our local school system for next year we REALLY hope Darling Daughter gets in. We probably won't even have any AP classes at our school next year. She needs this chance in order to get any advanced courses. And she seems to want this very much. PLEASE if you would, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for God's will on this.
  2. Yesterday was exactly one year since Darling Daughter's knee reconstruction. She's back to flipping head-over-heels and has qualified for Regions in track...her first year competing! I think it's safe to say she's good as new! Thank you, Lord!
  3. Over Spring Break we're painting...our bedroom, Darling Daughter's bedroom, and possibly the Pip Squeak's bedroom. Once we finish of course it will make the rest of the house look shabby so we may have to keep going. I'll put up before and after photos...I think. I have to find one of the camera cords first.
  4. We're also getting most of the remainder of our veggie garden in the ground. Well, not really IN the ground, but sort of above it. Raised beds. We have strawberries, squash, carrots, lady peas, red bell peppers, green bell peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes so far. I'd like to have blueberries and zucchini...and whatever else we think of. Ideas?? Haven't tried potatoes before.
  5. I also want a Hibiscus or two for the front flower beds. Trying to convince the Hubby that it would make our yard seem like the British Virgin Islands. Right??
  6. My sister finally has herself a little girl. A puppy. A tiny black & white fluffy thing. It's not a mutt. It's a hybrid. Like our Demon Dog Lucy. Only my sister's dog is a Pekingese/Shih Tzu mix. So instead of a Chiweenie she has a Pee-Shi#@! Figures.

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