Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Questions and Answers

So my sister kindly pointed out that I had never given y'all the answers to the name game below. First, let me just say that SHE didn't get them all. She missed two of them. Shame on you! :) Just kidding, I don't know the names of her kids' friends, either.

Just so you know...Tonggu Mama got them all right. With the exception of the spelling of my sister's name, but she got the name right. Hurray for TM. You win...uhh...my respect! Cause we have some pretty strange names going on around here, and anyone who can figure them all out deserves something. But after spending all my money on paint and bedding for the girl...sorry...no prize. Maybe next time. Or...oh! I know! I'll make you a blog award! I know how much you love those!

Now. On to today's very important business. What color curtains should we put up in Darling Daughter's room? (Scroll down and check out her new room if you haven't seen it yet.) We were thinking of brown...to match the brown in the comforter. Or possibly aqua, but darker than the walls. Or even the light lime green? Please weigh in with your opinions. Cause I ain't no interior decorator. I need help!

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Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Okay, it looks like there is some tan/beige in that comforter...dots at the bottom maybe? I would go with that color. I think chocolate may be a bit too much of a contrast, but the lighter color might work. But what do I know. I'm no interior decorator, either. :)