Friday, April 3, 2009

The Name Game

Scribbit had an interesting post on her site yesterday about names...names that are different, names that roll of your tongue and names that stand out in a crowd. Someone in her comments left a link to, a sight where you can type in your first and/or last names and see how many people in the United States have your name. (IN case my sister is reading here today, there is only ONE of you! Thank goodness!)
Anyway, I got to thinking about the people we know with unique or unusual names and decided to put together a little quiz. If you'd like to play along, see how many you can guess and leave your answers in the comments.
  1. My Hubby's name is biblical, and when we met I had NEVER heard of it before...despite the fact that I grew up in a Christian school. Now I know four of them. Go check out the last chapter of Proverbs.
  2. My sister HATED her name when we were little girls. Why? I'm really not sure unless it had to do with the fact that it isn't spelled correctly so she was never able to buy things with her name on them. Or maybe because there was a Mouseketeer in the 70's with the same name. It rhymes with the name of Peter Pan's favorite girl.
  3. Quatro's best buddy's name isn't strange or unusual, but you don't hear it used for young boys much these days. He's named for a motorcycle-riding mouse.
  4. Darling Daughter's boyfriend shares a name with a literary character. He's a Catcher, but he doesn't play for the Atlanta Braves.
  5. My twins go to school with another twin who has an interesting first name. It's the LAST name of a famous singer by the name of Mick with an extra large mouth, and I'm pretty sure there was a soap opera character with the name back when their mom was pregnant. (Because she actually named the girl twin the soap name for the girlfriend of the soap dude.) Confused yet?
  6. A woman in our Sunday School class has her own children's song...she's the one who makes you happy when skies are gray.
  7. Darling Daughter's classmate is named after a variety of grape that produces a powerfully flavored red wine. The grape actually goes by two in France and another in South Africa. The kid only goes by the South African version.
  8. Another classmate...this one named after an Eric Clapton song. "Got me on my knees."

That's all I've got this morning...I've got brain freeze and need some peace and quiet before Spring Break hits at 3:00. How many can you figure out from my pathetic clues?


mendyc said...

1. Lemuel
2. Mendy (and I still hate it!, don't forget about Mork)
3. Ralph?
5. Jagger
6. Sunshine
8. Layla

a Tonggu Momma said...

First off - I'm the only one of me! (It helps that fewer than 1600 people have my first name.) There are five of the husband, but just one Tongginator, too. (Huge surprise, I know.)

1. Lemuel (does he go by Lem?)
2. Mindy (Corey's big sis!)
3. Ralph
4. Holden
5. Jagger (and Robin?!?!!! Ack!!!!)
6. Sunshine
7. Shiraz
8. Layla

Scribbit said...

I'm totally cheating and reading what people have already commented :)

mendyc said...

So.... when are you going to tell us the answers?