Thursday, April 30, 2009

May I introduce...

Guess who's blogging now? Go on, guess. No idea? I'll give you a clue. She's got curly hair, a terrific sense of humor and a unique perspective on life as an almost 16 year old girl. Give up?

It's Darling Daughter! My very own offspring! She's just put up her first post and would absolutely LOVE it if you'd stop by and say "Hello." And, you know, leave her a comment, because we all know how comments make us feel worthy while we're learning the ropes! So go visit her. I'll wait. Right here. Go on...

You back yet? OK, moving right along...I think my sister and I have just about talked our mother OUT of her upcoming trip to Mexico. She and the step-dad were supposed to leave Sunday morning. Considering the levels of Swine Flu floating around down there, we don't exactly think that's the best idea. Do you have any confirmed cases is your area yet? Pip Squeak watched the TV every evening to see how close it's getting. He made himself sick on his stomach yesterday at school worrying about kids sneezing on him. I sort of wish school was already out, but don't want to wish for closures since that would mean kids were actually sick.

In other news: would you please say a prayer for Darling Daughter's friend. Without going into details, this child and her younger siblings are going through tough times as their parents divorce. It's been about a year and things aren't getting any easier yet. You remember being fifteen? It's not a piece of cake under the best of circumstances. Having your world tumble down around you doesn't help. And recently, things have gotten a lot worse. Say a little prayer for these kids, if you would. They need to be lifted up.

Hope your last day of April is spectacular. Can you believe May is HERE ALREADY?? Why does time go by so much faster when 40 is approaching??

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Tammy said...

Checked out the DD's blog!

I am up to my eyeballs with the swine flu hype. No cases close by; however, a couple of cases are in North Alabama.

Will say a prayer for these kids. Kids don't deserve divorce.