Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cowboy Commentary

We started watching Dancing With the Stars on the very first night this season...because...because...well, because Shawn Johnson, the Olympic gymnast is on! She's only 17 (as she points out almost EVERY single week) and we wanted to see if her gymnastic talent would give her a heads up on her competition. Yeah, not so much. She's good, but not amazing.

We didn't really know who most of the other contestants were when we began watching the show. Over the last 8 weeks, though, the three younger kids have piled onto our bed at 8:00 each Monday night, and we have laughed and clapped and made fun of ugly costumes and gotten to "know" each of the dancers a little bit. We all have our faves, and those change from week to week for some of us. I think Darling Daughter is still pulling for Shawn, but the boys have changed their minds a thousand times based on whatever 11 year old boys consider important. (Usually whether they look stupid twisting their hips like a girl.) I'm pretty sure the boys would pick Chuck Wicks just because he seems more manly than the other remaining men.

As for me, I especially like watching the ones who had NO clue what they were doing in the beginning, but have given it everything they've got! And they've gotten better! Take Ty Murray for example. He's a bull rider! A cowboy. Used to wrestling large animals and falling on his head. And it's obvious! (Not that he's fallen on his head.) He isn't very comfortable out there doing the Salsa with a 19 year old, and that's pretty obvious, too. Over the weeks, though, he's come a long way! Last night he and his partner, Chelsie, did an awesome job! Probably their last, considering the comments the judges had, but still. I love seeing the contestants get more relaxed confident in themselves and really do a good job! So...I put up the video of Ty & Chelsie's dance last night...cause I have the sneaking suspicion that they may not be back next week. We're going to miss them! Well...my hubby won't, because I think he likes Julianne the best and he won't care if Ty leaves, but still...the rest of us will hate to see him go. If he gets voted off, that is. Maybe he won't. We'll see.

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