Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're begging you

I know some of you faithful readers out there have dogs. Dogs that actually live in your houses. Dogs that at least TRY to do their business outside in the proper place.
All we're asking for is some advice.
Look at this face:

Lucy really wants to live inside with her pack or humans. She promises to try to learn correct potty behavior. She says she'll do whatever it takes so that she doesn't have to stay outside all summer with the mosquitoes and the butterflies. (Good Lord help us if she's still outside when the flying insects abound. She already barks at every leaf, bird and speck of dust that dares blow across our yard!)
Somebody email me a set of How-To-Potty-Train instructions. Or send me a book. I'll review it for you! We bought Lucy to be an insider, but we can't leave her for 25 seconds or fountains are flowing, people. What to do? My children weren't this difficult to train.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Someone in my blogroll puts doggie diapers on her little one... I can't remember who it is specifically.

Chelsea Gour said...

We would be no help to you. I have three dogs. The Black Lab is the only one fully trained. She's great! The other two. Not so much. You saw them, Pommerianian-Chihuahuas. Little dogs like Lucy. They go outside about 3/4 of the time. They mostly poop inside though and usually pee outside! We did the same training with them as with the big dog but it didn't take and they are almost 3 now! I think it's a lost cause!! Try putting puppy pads in one place and see if you can at least get her to pee on that.....or try a pee post outside. You can get them at the pet stores. They are posts that have a scent on them that is supposed to make dogs want to pee near them. I don't know if it works. I give up. (sorry if there are misspellings, I type in a hurry and I'm on mom's computer so I can't find the spell check for this thing!)

Tammy said...

Oh dear...and what a sweet little face. I am 13 years out from that stage and have NO recollection of it with my Lab.

I have heard friends praise the potty pads but I wish I could help more. See if the Dog Whisperer has anything to offer on his website.

Michelle said...

WHEN YOU TAKE HER OUTSIDE TO POTTY give her a treat when she goes outside. i agree with chelsea on the pp pads. put them close to the door & keep moving them closer. maybe she is just marking inside. coco did this for about 1 1/2 months after i got him. he finally quit on his own. you could always try crate training or keep her on a leash next to you when you are inside & when you see her having to go potty take her out. chelsea's dogs have poop spots in the house. thankfully they are only where paul will step in them! LOL. take her out around every hour to have the opportunity to go potty & after meals. or do like i did, get a doggie door.