Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Prayer Meetin'

"For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways."
Psalm 91:11
Often when I'm preparing a post for Prayer Meetin' God will throw a curve ball - or even a brick - right at my head. You know, just to shake me up, get my attention, and remind me that I promised to make Wednesday's posts all about Him. I really should change the title from Prayer Meetin' to " It's Raining Bricks Again."
I had written a lovely post for today...complete with photos from our trip and lots of rambling on about the beauty of His creation, blah, blah, blah. However, The Oldest's very BEST friend on the face of this earth was in an accident last night, and it sort of puts things in a different perspective. As Fluffy* (not my choice of nickname, he earned it himself) was driving home from the Fire Department after their weekly meeting last night, he approached a major intersection and his light turned green. A woman ran the red light and he t-boned her right in the passenger side. The force sent him spinning around several times until his truck ended up facing back in the direction he'd been coming from. Had their timing been off by just seconds, she would have hit him right in the driver's side and probably killed them both. As it is, he has a bad sprain, some sore muscles and a totalled truck.
Thankfully, God's timing is never off, not even by seconds. His angels were keeping Fluffy safe just as they had been commanded. Thank God for His promises today. Thank Him for watching over you and your family. And let me know how YOU need prayer!
Photos tomorrow, I promise!
*Fluffy is the nickname bestowed upon Oldest's best bud when he was working his very first house fire and the chief couldn't remember his name. Well, he has a head full of shaggy hair!


Chelsea Gour said...

Thank you God, for those seconds! I love the part about the bricks too. I get those sometimes!

Please keep us in your prayers too. Parker got the flu last week. It turned into an ear infection, which we discovered when I took him to the doctor yesterday. He's still feeling crummy and today, Noah woke up with a temperature. Isabel and I just got over the creeping crud we had in January. But, Isabel ran a low fever last week, while Parker was running 104.7, so I'm hoping that was her version of it and she's done. Paul's leaving tonight for cases in Florence and the flu is the last thing he needs!! Pray that Claire and I don't get it either.

The Momster said...

Fluffy's got my prayers today. Funny how God has a way of changing our plans, huh? I cannot wait to hear how your trip went as well!

Big hugs and be blessed!

The Momster said...

Oops - Just found out, my brother-in-law has left their house again. Please be in prayer for my sister, her daughter who is still at home and her son in Oklahoma. And for the BIL, that God will melt the ice around his heart and bring him back to God and to his family.

Appreciate it...

a Tonggu Momma said...

Fluffy has our prayers. On a little note, please pray for the Tongginator and I, as we are both sick.

But - more seriously - please pray for a little girl in my daughter's orphanage who suffered from third degree burns to her face and body this past weekend. She was scheduled to be adopted on Monday, but is now too ill to travel and will not be adopted. The adoptive family is shell-shocked, understandably. The orphanage encouraged them to adopt a different child instead. It's a very hard situation for all involved.

Michelle said...

tonggu mom, i cant believe they would encourage them to get another child. well i guess i can if it is from another country b/c sometimes that is just the way they are, but that child deserves a chance too!!!
i am glad chelsea FINALLY took her sick child to the dr! LOL LOVE YA!!

please pray for christy who just had major leg surgery & her dad died last week.

carol & autumn, autumn is sick on 3 meds now. it seems that she has seasonal allergies which triggers asthma.

stacey will be on his way back from NC tomorrow with a murder. hopefully it will be an uneventful trip.