Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tooth Fairy Donations Welcome

Well, I guess we should count our blessings. At least we haven't had to pay for two in braces at the same time. Only because our two boys, also known as "The Polar Opposites" don't grow as though they were conceived at the same time and born on the same day. Within 30 seconds of one another. They grow at their own distinctly different paces. So what we have is this:
Thing One: Almost finished with round one of orthodontia, will be getting braces removed in June just as we have finished paying for them. Has almost all of his permanent teeth already and will probably need another set of braces before it's all said and done.
Thing Two: Still possesses 12 of his BABY teeth and will go back for another look in December...at which time he may be getting an expander for the top and will probably only need one set of braces. Most likely in between his brother's first and second sets...so that we can continue our payments on the Orthodontist's new Lexus SUV and beach house.
I'm kidding. Not really. In reality we have already PAID FOR the beach house what with The Oldest having had one set of braces and Darling Daughter going through 6 YEARS of treatment to put her mouth straight.
I'm thinking a set of dentures or a gold grill would have been cheaper and less painful.


Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Oy. I'm going to be experiencing some of that pain in a few years, I'm certain. I prefer not to think too much about it...

Chelsea Gour said...

LUCKY you! My boys have almost identical mouths! They even seem to loose their teeth the same!?!? And they couldn't have Paul's mouth. No! Paul, that didn't have to have braces. They look like me! I did have braces! But, I'm too chicken and haven't taken them yet. They also still have like 12 baby teeth so I'm waitin' on those things to fall out!!!

Tammy said...

LOL! My twin had braces and oral surgery...I did not.

My son's teeth are coming in nicely, my daughter's grill is jacked up.