Saturday, March 14, 2009

Throwing it all away!

I'm going to get in big trouble here if I don't mention this soon, so I'm interrupting my brag session about our trip to tell you some big news.
Darling Daughter came in 4th place at her first-ever track meet last Monday!
She totally gets her athletic ability from me. (Not!)

Isn't she adorable in her track outfit?? I know...her Mommy thinks so, too.
She's competing in shot-put and long jump so far and may end up running at the home meets, too. She was up against some fairly large and tall young ladies at the meet...she says some of them were commenting that they didn't have to worry about HER because she's not big. Well, my 5'1 and 1/8 of an inch girl went out and threw the shot farther than all but one girl on her team and ended up placing 4th overall. Not bad!! What they didn't know is that she can bench press 95-100 pounds. (Comes from throwing cheerleaders in the air for 5 years.) The next meet is Tuesday and she says if we're quiet and don't embarrass her we might be allowed to come an watch. And we can't bring the cowbells. What's up with that? We went to every cheer competition and acted like complete fools, and she loved it. At least I think she did. Or umm, maybe not.
While I'm bragging, can I also say that she just finished her self-defense course and body-slammed the instructor last night. You wouldn't want to mess with her, I'm just saying. Unless you're taller than she is...or you tickle her...or you're a guy and you have hairy feet. She hates hairy feet.


Chelsea Gour said...

You go Heather! And maybe us Gours will show up at that there track meet with our air horns and really make a scene! Go Heather! Go Heather! Or maybe not....but, I am proud of you! ALL that AND you slammed the defense teacher!!! You are too cool for us!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Small, but mighty! I hope the Tongginator grows up the same way!

Tammy said...

Go girl! And hairy feet have NO place in the world....ick.

Michelle said...

YEAH!! but i really dont like that track outfit. orange has no place on clothes! keep up the good work!