Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stay Tuned This Week...

...and learn the answers to these mind-boggling questions:

  1. What's a BVI Beach Rooster?
  2. How much rum can 6 retired people drink in two days?
  3. What's a Granny Chum Line?
  4. What happens when your boat breaks in the middle of the ocean?
  5. What do really rich folks do when they sail the Caribbean?
  6. Do birds enjoy Martinis?
  7. How am I related to the Gorton's Fisherman of fish stick fame?
  8. How did my mother-in-law feed my four children three meals a day for 12 days on less than $150???
  9. Did my children eat ANYTHING healthy while we were gone? (That would be a 'no' as evidenced by all the rotten fruit in my kitchen.)
  10. How many happy pills did it take to calm me down when the flight attendants forgot to strap down their food cart and plates came crashing down the aisle during take-off?? Did I mention that the overhead storage compartments came open and luggage fell out, too? Don't fly US Air.