Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Sweets

Three of my monsters were out of school yesterday so we decided to try something new for breakfast. Pop Tarts! Breakfast in a box. What a novel idea! Not that my kids have never had Pop Tarts before, believe me, if I had seen my family in the future 20 years ago I would have bought stock in Kellogs. But really, store bought Pop Tarts aren't that yummy. They're dry and the crust is sort of cardboardy-ish. Even when you toast them. Sooo...imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a recipe to make HOMEMADE Pop Tarts! I know! I was excited, too!
Follow the link to Chickens in the Road and go find out how to make them! I promise that your kids will like them way better than the store kind. And they're very simple to make. If you take the lazy way out like I did and use premade frozen pie crusts from a box. (See, we still had breakfast from a box, well, technically.) We used raspberry jam for some and brown sugar & cinnamon for the others. The brown sugar ones were the best. Darling Daughter was trying to scam her brothers out of theirs and make them eat the fruit ones. You could probably use marshmaoolw cream and chocolate to do some S'Mores ones...or try any kind of jelly. This is definitely an idea that we'll use again...and experiment with. Yum.

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Tammy said...

I'm gonna have to check this out. I love a Brown Sugar Pop Tart...but due to the guilt I haven't had one in YEARS!