Sunday, March 15, 2009

A sailing tutorial...sort of.

Sailing, or cruising, or island-hopping...or whatever you want to call a popular way to enjoy all the beautiful experiences of the British Virgin Islands. There aren't any huge, fabulous resorts on the islands. There isn't a theme park and there are no mini race tracks or bungee jump places. Chartering a boat really is the very best way to get around to all the islands to see the sights, snorkel the most amazing reefs and caves and hit the best restaurants in time for Happy Arrr!
*Note that the islands were hot spots for pirates in the olden days, so it's not Happy HOUR, it's Happy Arrr!

Most of the boats you see are monohull sailboats. Here are some random people who moored next to us one night. I have no idea who they are, but their boat is pretty typical.

This is Trinity. We chartered Trinity two years ago. She's a 38 foot boat with two "staterooms" (that means two cubby holes for people to sleep in) and two heads (those are even smaller little closets where you can pee & shower all at once.) Trinity was a terrific boat, but monohulls rock and roll and heel over and gets a little scary.

This is Dreamcatcher. She's the catamaran that we chartered this year. Cats are more stable so they don't tip over and make you feel as if you're about to be shark bait. Also, this one is 45 feet long and has four staterooms with queen sized beds and four heads. (Which meant that my Hubby could actually stretch out in the bed to sleep, although he couldn't sit up.) Dreamcatcher also has lots of kitchen space (enough for two women to cook or wash up) and two trampolines up front where you can lay out and work on your tan while the men are doing all the hard stuff. Catamarans are very common, also. Normal people can afford to charter one for a week.

Then there are those UNcommon people. The ones who have more money than sense. These are the people who have helicopters on the back of their boats. Because you never know when you may need to hop over to the nearest town for some Grey Poupon. (I don't remember the name of this boat, but click on the pic if you want a better view of the chopper on the back.)

These are the people who have crews of 20 or more to anchor their boats and tie the back ends up to humongous boulders and send poor little 18 yr old crew members out in the cold, windy rain to check their anchor chains with SNORKELS and spend hours and hours getting the boat angled just that they can slip into their wet suits, stick their toes in the water and then decide it's time to move on. So they head back up to the salon with the big screen tv to relax while the crew spends two more hours undoing the boat and getting underway. This is the yacht Blue Moon. It's absolutely lovely. She was anchored next to us overnight. We only saw the actual people for about 15 minutes. I guess that's all the fresh air they could stand.

Naturally, there are even bigger and more fantastic boats to be had. This one is the Martha Ann, and let me just say SHE will take your breath away. If you owned the Martha Ann you wouldn't need to own a house. Because Martha Ann has it ALL. The Martha Ann is 230 feet long and has a glass elevator, 1400 square feet of owner's stateroom (meaning walnut-panelling, king sized bed and real flushing toilets), a sports bar, a gym, 3 large flat screen televisions and OH YEAH...and GRAND PIANO. And let's not forget that she has jet-skis and extra power boats in her stern...just in case you feel the need for some fishing or an adrenaline rush. The Martha Ann is especially gorgeous at night with her name all lit up in blue and lights that shine down into the water to make it appear as if she's hovering over the water. Notice how she dwarfs all the regular boats.

Don't can cruise the Caribbean in the ultimate lap of luxury, too. The Martha Ann is occaisionally available for the discount rate of only 600,000 euros a week. I'm throwing all my change in a jar so we can rent her next time.

I've always wanted to play Chop Sticks while sailing blue waters.


mendyc said...

We should go in together on the Martha Ann next year. It would be way cheaper that way. lol

Chelsea Gour said...

Yeah, count us in too! I'm sure I could come up with about....oh, 60euros to contribute! LOL