Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rescued by the Fish Stick Man

When you're sailing the Caribbean on a 45 foot catamaran and Mother Nature decides to be uncooperative, you are suddenly faced with darkening skies, ominous clouds...

large ocean swells, high winds (30 miles an hour, thank you very much, that is getting pretty darn close to Tropical Storm strength if you ask me!) and your boat is tossing and bobbing like a cork...

it's comforting to have an Old Salt at the helm to guide you safely through dangerous waters.

Thank goodness for this guy:

No wait...that's the Gorton's Fisherman. What I meant to say is, I'm really grateful we had THIS guy on board:

That would be Captain GF (Grandfather), brave Skipper of the Dreamcatcher. He and his brave crew manned the boat while the ladies hid out in the somewhat dry areas below decks reading books and trying not the think about Gilligan's Island or Castaway. They kept us moving along even when they couldn't see LAND because of all the low lying clouds and heavy rain. And let me tell you, we should have ALWAYS been able to see the land because we weren't that FAR from it, people, but it wasn't THERE!
They sailed us right on through the storm...brave heroes all four of them...with raindrops pelting them in their faces and water dripping down their necks until the sun tried to come up again. They even swabbed all the water off the decks when it was over.

OK, I'll confess, the entire time I was hiding out below, a song kept playing over and over and OVER in my head till I thought I was going to go nuts. Do you remember School House Rock?

"Rockin' and a Rollin'

Splishin' and a Splashin'

Over the Horizon

What Can it Be?"

You know, the song about the Mayflower and the pilgrims and No More King??

Yeah, I was losing it!

Thank goodness for the Gorton's Dude. That's all I can say about that.


planetnomad said...

sounds like a great trip ;)

Chelsea Gour said...

I went on a very large sail boat...once! I hated it! I do not think I could ever stay on one for days on end, with a storm brewing! You are one brave girl! On the other hand, it looks beautiful out there.