Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Prayer Meetin'

Do you remember being nineteen? Nineteen is hard. Nineteen is a time of waiting. You've outgrown childhood, but you don't have a clue what's next. You've entered college, but you don't know what you're supposed to be. You've taken on new responsibilities, but you aren't sure you can handle them. You've earned new freedoms, but you're not entirely sure you want them.

Nineteen answers mostly to itself. Mom and Dad are there to offer advice and counsel you, but your decisions are up to you. At nineteen you are sick of school, but not finished with it yet. You still have more to learn about academics, life and yourself. You change direction like a weather vane in a tornado. You've accomplished your high school goals, but what comes next? You're not sure who you're going to become and where you're supposed to go. You're full of dreams, but not certain which ones you should work on first.

This is the place my oldest son is in now. He's a little stressed and a lot confused. He's proud of his achievements so far, but unsure of what he wants to achieve next. He's struggling with doubts and thinking of changing his major. He's trying to put it in God's hands and continue working hard while he waits to see what path he should take.

Would you say a prayer for my young man while he waits? He trusts the Lord to show him the way, but I know your prayers will help settle his spirit. He needs that right now. Nineteen is hard. Do you remember being nineteen?

What are your needs this week? Please add them in the comments.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Praying for the husband... he learned some difficult news this week about his momma (not health-related)

Chelsea Gour said...

Wow! You did it again. That was wonderful and heartfelt. Lizzie's in that same place. She isn't struggling with what she wants to do, she knows that part. But, she stuggles with who she is and what else she wants in life. She is a child that says she's a Christian but doesn't walk the walk so I know she isn't taking this to HIM or waiting for HIM. She wants friends, but doesn't know how to make them. She wants her independance, but doesn't want to leave her mother's side. She wants more than anything, to be loved and be in love, but that hasn't worked out either, so she feigns indifference and acts as if she will be alone forever. I'll help pray for Todd, you help pray for Lizzie!

Michelle said...

wow that video was amazing! prayers for a coworker, christy who will be having surgery to repair a broken bone in her leg on 3-4 & that i will have the sanity to "hold down the fort" by myself when she is gone.

prayers for everyone to get well, i know a lot if sick kiddo's & adults out there right now. chelsea do you feel better?

The Momster said...

Wow - let's see...
1. My friend Kristin - she is pregnant - I think about 3 months from delivery and has been told that more than likely the baby has a rare genetic condition and will not survive. This would be their 5th - a total a surprise for them. Another boy - to add four to their family. They are all devastated.
2. My niece, KK - who is also 19 - has been diagnosed with Ashtma. Her precious little life has been marred by so much sadness and illness, please remember her.
3. The youth from our church are in Gatlinburg this week - we have five of the students that we are personally praying for. Please pray that they will all return safely tomorrow.
4. The Hubs and The Bug are both upstairs and sick. Pray that I don't get it either!
5. A friend of the family, Marie, has been diagnosed with Liver Cancer.
6. For me. I need God's hand to guide me in what to do next with my decision to finish my college courses and guide me to where I should be. I am floundering - floating --- not sure what I want to do or unable to really make a decision at this time, which is totally not my character (according to my Mom).
That's about it...aren't you glad you asked? Oh, and that my friend Debbie and her girls will return home safely from their trip to FL to visit her family.
We'll be praying for the oldest. :)

Brianna said...

I will pray for your Todd.
And here are my prayer requests; if someone could help me out, that would be great.
1.My best friend in the whole wide world has slipped back into a very bad "habit". She's confused in every sense and way possible, and can't find her way to the Lord right now.
2.One of my friends ex-boyfriends has recently found out that he has HPV an dodesn't know when he got it so my friend might have it as well. She is making an appointment to find out for sure, but I know that she is scared, so keep her in your prayers please.

Michelle said...

i know it isnt wed anymore but i got a call around 10:45pm last night that my coworkers dad would be taken off the vent today; they dont expect him to make it. his name is tom