Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Prayer Meetin'

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

The photo above was taken in the late 1930's. It's a group of children who lived in an orphan home in Cincinnati, Ohio during the Great Depression. The little boy in the middle row, fourth from the left, in glasses and overalls...that's my grandaddy. To his right is his little brother. They were placed in the orphanage when their father was run over by a train and killed. Their mother was unable to care for four small children by herself, so she gave up three of them and kept only the baby. Years later she remarried and got her children back, but it was a hard life with their new step-father and his children and a few new babies...eleven kids in all.

When Grandaddy was a teenager he left home. He found work on a farm and the family took him in. He came to love the family on the farm as his own. They fed him and cared for him...and they took him to church. When Grandaddy first went to live on the farm, he was what he describes as "unruly". He cussed, lashed out in anger, and got into fights. He didn't want to go to church with the farmer and his wife. They took him anyway, letting him sit in the back and pout. And the Lord worked in his life. Through that small church and that loving family that took in a lonely teenaged boy, the Lord worked on Grandaddy. He was saved and grew up to become a preacher. (I would never refer to him as a pastor...he's a true, Bible-thumping, pulpit-pounding, good old-fashioned Preacher...and believe me, he can preach for hours!) The lost boy who didn't know what his future held now looks forward to the day he will go to his eternal home.

No matter what your situation at this moment, God has a plan for you. God knew that little boy in the orphanage without a family was going to enjoy a large and loving family of his own one day. He already knew the heartache Grandaddy would endure, but out of that angry young man came a preacher that lead many to love God. Put your trust in Him. He never promised we wouldn't go through painful times, but He did promise we wouldn't go through them alone.

Prayer requests for today:

A young couple in our area was in a terrible accident Saturday night. Someone was going the wrong way on the interstate and hit them head-on as they drove home from a movie. The girl is in bad shape and is going to be hospitalized for quite a while. Please pray for their healing.

Also, please pray for my other grandparents. They just don't need to be on their own any more. Pray for my aunts and dad to reach some sort of a decision regarding their care. It's just scary how much they need to have someone there caring for them!
Please remember Myah as well. She's had enough of hospitals and surgeries this week. She needs your prayers! You can follow her story through Chelsea's blog at Gour Family Adventures.

How about you? Please add your requests in the comments.

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a Tonggu Momma said...

What a beautiful testimony. As for me, prayers include those for this family:
who lost their home recently in a house fire

and this family:
who recently lost their daughter Tuesday