Friday, February 13, 2009

Random stuff with some hope thrown in...

"But our hope endures the worst of conditions
It's more than our optimism
Let the earth quake
Our hope is unchanged"
Natalie Grant
Well, the little Monkey has perked up some today. No results back yet on the CT scan they ran on his fact, no doctors have been in yet this morning...which is weird. I'll be entertaining the munchkin this afternoon with Valentines, Go Fish, Old Maid, and water guns to ward off mean nurses. Hopefully there will be more information...
We are blessed to have this wonderful Children's Hospital in our area with a caring staff and top-notch doctors. It's the hospital where my twins were born, spent their NICU months, attended therapies and had their surgeries. The atmosphere is welcoming and kid-friendly. And we certainly know our way around. I have nothing but respect and warm feelings for the place...and yet, going there makes me ill. Parking in the parking deck makes me nervous. Going up the elevator and onto the unit with it's sights, sounds ans smells...ugh. I can't describe it. I hope I never have to be there with one of my kids again. I'm glad it's there...but I want to stay away. Far , far away!
Anyway, on to other news:
Maybe I shouldn't divulge this in public, but I've waited long enough. Darling Daughter has an adorable new boyfriend! He's 6'1", a senior, smart, and was just offered a spot on both the football and baseball teams at a Christian college in Chelsea's town, and he will be known here as Chicken Wing. It's an inside joke. He's taking her out for Valentine's Day tomorrow evening. (No, we didn't bend our "No Dating Till 16" rules, her brother and his girl are taking them. You didn't really think I was letting my baby girl get in the truck with a boy?? Come on!)
The Oldest has had yet another job interview...and is scheduled for another next week. At the SAME place!! Apparently getting hired on at the local Large Chain Home Improvement Store is equivalent to working for Homeland Security. All fingers are crossed and prayers are being said that he will actually GET the job since he's wasted several tanks of gas going and talking to these nice people. A little money of his own would be terrific. He could pay for his own haircuts every three weeks, at least.
As for the twins...things are not going well for them. It seems the second half of fifth grade is WAY harder than the first. All of a sudden my two intelligent boys are bringing home F's. Quatro is currently failing Reading (the kid reads above MY reading level) and the Pip Squeak is failing Math. Math is definitely a struggle for Pip, and he IS trying. Negative numbers and dividing decimals are killing him. I'm not going to stress too much about it, though, since our local school system is headed down the tubes with financial trouble, cutting programs left and right, and I plan to homeschool the boys next year anyway. Not that I'm a math genius myself, but maybe a little one-on-one will help.
My grandparents are driving me batty on a daily basis. They won't call me for help with things like grocery shopping, and so I drop by to find them trying to carry 20 pound bags of potatoes in from the car. But they WILL phone because they lost the dustpan and can't finish sweeping. I love them both to pieces...especially Grandaddy (shhh, I didn't say that) and I would do anything they ask...but they ask for weird stuff! The compensation is great, though! This week I earned two gallons of milk, 30 coconut/banana Fuze drinks and about a 20 pound bag of nasty old wilted lettuce. Lord love 'em!
I think I have made peace with our upcoming trip. If I can just get through the airplane ride and get off the plane safely in St. Thomas, they'll be handed out samples of rum at the gate! I'm ready to get out of here now!

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a Tonggu Momma said...

I have heard so many times that the spring of fifth grade is a tough, tough time. Hugs to y'all. You are going through so much already.