Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A New Discovery

After the second quarter of the Superbowl on Sunday evening, there was a series of commercials that aired in 3D. The Oldest's girlfriend brought several pairs of 3D glasses over, thinking the twins would get a kick out of watching 3D in the living room. We all put on the glasses, laughed about how stupid we looked and how this was probably a secret government trick to brainwash us all during the Superbowl. Can you imagine how goofy millions of Americans looked, sitting in their homes waiting for a Disney commercial with red & blue paper glasses stuck to their noses?

Anyway, the Pip Squeak kept complaining that he couldn't fit the 3D glasses over his own glasses very well, but he couldn't take his glasses off because then he wouldn't be able to see. We helped him arrange the 3D's on his face several times. He kept asking why there was a red lens when only the blue side worked. That's when it occurred to me. Pip Squeak doesn't have binocular vision in the first place...which we already knew. Therefore he probably wasn't going to be seeing any of the 3D stuff, since it requires your eyes to merge the red and blue together when looking at the image.

And that's exactly how it happened. All he saw was a blue commercial. It was a little disappointing for him. I guess he'll never know the excitement of Jaws leaping off the screen to bite off his head. At least he can SEE well, and would know if a shark was coming after him in real life. That's what really matters.

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a Tonggu Momma said...

Absolutely. Because the odds of a shark coming at him in real life are astronomically high. So it's good to plan for that. ;)