Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Dingbat Diaries, Family Version

The setting: Our house
The time: Approximately 11:15 pm
The date: Sometimes last week
The characters: My kids and their daddy

The Oldest had just turned in for the night, but hadn't yet fallen asleep. I had just drifted off. All of a sudden, the burglar alarm began going off with a horribly shrill, ear-splitting noise.

My reaction? Jump out of bed, run down the hall and turn it off before the monitoring company called and the cops showed up! (I know, I know, running down the hall into a possible burglar was stupid!)

The Oldest's reaction? Call out from the bottom of the steps. "Mom? You OK?"

The Hubby and the rest of the kids' reactions? Snnnnoooooze!

They never woke up. The alarm company did call immediately. After determining that we were indeed all right and asking for our secret code, the dispatcher stayed on the line while Oldest and I checked out doors and windows and such...and then let us know that the alarm was triggered by a glass break sensor in The Oldest's room. Well, uh, no broken windows. Not even one that was opened. We puzzled for a few minutes over what could have caused a noise loud enough to set off the alarm. Then the Oldest spoke up.

"Mom, it went off right after I sneezed!"

After checking to be sure his head had not become detached (how hard did he sneeze, anyway) we thanked the alarm lady and went back to bed. To join the others who would have let the robber kills us and make off with all our stuff while they slept peacefully in their beds!


a Tonggu Momma said...

How funny!!! And my husband sneezes so loudly, I sometimes wonder how his head remains attached.

Anonymous said...

hardy har har. i woke up. i wasnt quiet asleep yet. stupid sneeze.
-Darling Daughter

Tammy said...

Bwah ha ha ha. Hilarious!