Friday, February 6, 2009

Bad Guys (and teenaged boys) Beware!

Darling Daughter began a ladies self-defense class last night at the Jiu Jitsu gym...and need I tell you...she LOVED it! She's in a group of woman mostly in their early 20's with a couple of older ones thrown in for good measure. So basically, she's the youngest one there. And the most flexible. (Those cheerleader genes, I guess.) And hyper.

Last night she learned how to get out of a headlock, throw someone down on the ground, and how to get out of a situation of a bad guy has you on your back on the ground. Also what to do if he has your face smushed on the ground. She had so much fun practicing her new moves...and throwing the instructor on the ground. Now she wants to practice on her brothers. After five weeks of this, she should be able to take care of herself pretty well. I hope. Cause the time is coming when we'll have to let her date. One of these days. Eventually. Without her older brother tagging along as chaperon, I mean.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Alright!!! I took a coed defense course when I was in college. My partner was a six foot six inch guy that weighed... well... a lot. I got him on the ground one time (just once!), but the class clapped for me because it was such an unlikely pairing. Good on her!

Michelle said...

i want to go!!!!

Scribbit said...

Okay Brian Regan is THE funniest thing there is.

"Say 8! Say 8!"

Paul and Chelsea Gour said...

The class is cool....the dating is not. I think she should be chaperoned by her older brother until she gets married!!!! Isabel will be! She can leave him at home for the honeymoon! And now Heather is thinking that YOU are a pretty cool mom because she knows she would rather have you than me! :)