Monday, February 9, 2009

Attention, please!

What could be cuter than a little boy who's lost his first tooth??
Allow me to introduce you to my nephew. He's my sister's second son. She has three of them just like me! Until she makes up a bloggy name for him, I'm going to call him Monkey in the Middle. He's five years old. And he needs your prayers.
He's been sick off and on since Thanksgiving and on several antibiotics. Now he has an infected lymph node and his neck is so swollen and painful! He almost looks like he has the mumps, but he doesn't. He's had a shot today, and the doctor has said that if he isn't better in the morning he may be admitted to the hospital. She said something about iv antibiotics and even draining the lymph node. No little boy wants to go through that.
So please, pray for this little Monkey. And then, when he's better, I'll share his Fonzie picture with you...if my sister says it's ok.


mendyc said...

Aww thanks sis. You have me tearing up. And monkey is a pefect name, that's what I call him. Love you!

Oh and the fonzie pics are cool, post away!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'll say a prayer. Poor little guy.

Michelle said...

prayers for him!! we need a cage for all these monkey's!!!