Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wednesday Prayer Meetin'

2 Corinthians 5:7
"For we walk by faith, not by sight."
Over at The Gour Family site Chelsea has a quote posted near the top of her page.
"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God."
In my opinion, that quote goes quite well with the verse I chose for today. It brings me comfort to know that God already has my path chosen. He already knows how my life is going to turn out and what's going to become of me and my family. He knows what each day will bring before I even wake up. As the day unfolds and MY plans get twisted and changed, it's no surprise to God. Further than that, He already knows the futures of each of my children. So I'm free to praise Him and trust His plans...even when I can't see where He's going with my life.
This photo is of Pip Squeak the last time we had significant snow in our area...many years ago!
He had a blast catching snowflakes on his tongue, but his walker kept getting stuck, and he fell over so much that he was a cold, soggy mess in minutes. An adorable, cold soggy mess, but still...
I wish I had a good shot of Pip playing in yesterday's snow. Even though none of it actually stuck to the ground, it fell all day long and it was so beautiful! I let three of my kids play hookie from school to enjoy it. (Well, hey, it's not like it snows here that often.) As they were running around outside, I couldn't help but think how far God has brought Pip from the last time we really had snow. He doesn't use his walker any more. Sure, he falls here and there, but he gets around much better than we ever expected!
It reassures my faith that He holds our futures in His hands.
And here's what Pip was doing last night:
A Jiu Jitsu "gang fight" free for all. That's my boy tackling the kid on the far right of the screen. After he choked that boy out, he moved on (trying to figure out who were his own team-mates and who to pick on next) until the only one left was a tiny 6 year old girl. And it took three of them to subdue her!

So, prayer requests...this week I'm asking for prayer for my grandparents. They're 87 and 81 years old and my grandma has fallen three times since Christmas. This last time she landed on her FACE and has a horrible black eye. In my opinion, they need to be somewhere where they can be looked after, but it's not up to me. Please pray for their safety!
Please add your in the comments. And have a wonderful day knowing that it's all in His hands!


Paul and Chelsea Gour said...

Everytime I see Zach it gives me such hope for Claire! I think that is a large part of the reason God put us in each other's paths and I am so glad he did. Thank you for having this window that I can view your family through. Please pray that Claire continues to progress the way Zach did. Also continue to keep Hannah in your prayers and also Paul's family.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I will!!!!