Saturday, January 31, 2009

Uh Oh!

Grandma's got squirrels in her attic again. Looks like Elmer Fudd, Sr. and Jr. are going to save the day...and bring home dinner, too!

The above photo was the Pip Squeak's first hunting trip with Hubby. As you can see by the ear-to-ear grin, Pip was more than a little bit excited! Hubby has taught all of our boys to hunt. The Oldest helped "shoot" a wild turkey the Thanksgiving before he turned two. I have video somewhere of him dragging its nasty carcass by the neck around the Mother-In-Law's kitchen saying, "Pow-Pow! Turkey!"
But don't think our culinary choices stop with turkey. No, no, they will also kill and eat deer, wild boar, dove, quail and umm...squirrel. The Mother-In-Law cooks a delicious squirrel stew. Or so I've been told. I wouldn't know myself because I'm not eating it!
Anyway, my grandma called today. It seems squirrels have moved into her attic and between the walls. She wants Hubby and sons to come out and shoot them. In her attic. And they can keep them for dinner.
Too bad it's against the law to shoot squirrels in the house.
We wouldn't have had to buy meat for months.


therextras said...

Very cute! And funny! I'm all for hunting if you get to eat it but would probably pass on the squirrel stew, too. Love me some dove!

Reminds me of that scene in Ratatoille.


mendyc said...

Oh go ahead and let them play army in the attic. It will make great memories for everyone involved.

AZ Chapman said...

love the pic