Friday, January 30, 2009

Like Father, Like Sons?

We've had a bad case of "Irresponsibility" running rampant through out household this past week. You may (or may not) remember that it snowed last Tuesday, and I let three of my children miss school because snow is such a rarity here. Well, I am here to tell you that from now on my twins will go to school even if there's a blizzard. If we get 14 feet of snow and they have to dig a 3 mile tunnel to get there, they will go to school. If I have to hire a helicopter to air lift them there, they will go to school.

Why? Because according to their weekly progress reports, one of the twins has only done a minimum of the work he missed that day. The other one? He hasn't turned in ANY of it. He has a grade of ZERO in three subjects!

The Hubby and I reminded the boys to get their work finished and turn it in. We reminded them several times. They had five days to do the work they missed and get it turned in to their teachers. They played and daydreamed and procrastinated. Ultimately, we decided to let them be responsible for it, though, and dig their own holes. Which they dug quite deeply. Now they must figure out a way to climb back out. We made it clear that we do not expect the teacher to give them another chance, or extra credit, or any sort of a break. Being the kindhearted woman that she is, however, she is letting them have this weekend to get their work done...lucky twins!! They will be writing her a "Thank You, Wonderful Teacher" essay as well.

You might wonder what this has to do with their father, who is mentioned in my title. well, where do you think they got their BOYness from?? From the adorable little guy in this photo...

You see, my mother-in-law saved a few of Hubby's old report cards. I love them! The teacher comments are priceless! His fourth grade teacher wrote that he had trouble remembering to come to class with a pencil, paper and a book! He didn't always turn in his homework. He was disruptive and silly. He liked attention. He was a class clown. Imagine!! This from the boy who used his Algebra book for target practice...put a hole right through it with a shot gun! I can't believe he didn't sit quietly and do all his work. Such a BOY!

So, living with a totally organized and responsible adult man, and having raised one very responsible though somewhat-less-organized 19 year old...I'm not going to stress over the behavior of my 11 yr olds too much. They'll get their act together eventually. Especially if they have to spend weekends doing chores to make up for their laziness!


mendyc said...

Aww look, it's Opie Taylor!I can't believe he was so cute when he was little. What the heck happened? If you figure out a way to get the twins to do their work, let me in on the secret.

a Tonggu Momma said...

mendyc beat me to it!!!! He looks like Opie - so cute.

AZ Chapman said...

wow your huby sounds a lot like me