Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Family Photo

Can you locate the following in our Annual Family Christmas Photo:

  1. The oldest person in the family (AKA Grandaddy).
  2. Santa Claus.
  3. The Sweethearts.
  4. A man who isn't a member of our crazy family.
  5. My son, throwing up his gang symbol.
  6. Three British Citizens.
  7. Two former Disney on Ice skaters.
  8. Three firemen.
  9. One Nucear Engineer.
  10. A Champion Archer.
  11. Someone who isn't wearing his traditional Christmas Eve Shirt.
  12. All of the people who are looking at the wrong camera because they don't listen.
  13. The owner of a Ferrari, a potato gun, a trampoline, a pinball machine AND a purple Christmas tree. He doesn't have kids.


a Tonggu Momma said...

You always crack me up. Personally, I'm loving the reindeer sweater. Because my mom would totally snatch that up. Do you know where she got it?

Paul and Chelsea Gour said...

What did you do? Suspend the camera from the ceiling? The chandalier? Did you take it with a spy camera mounted in the wall? LOL! I don't get it! Is this your family...has to be? Not Hubby's? Now explain....Disney on Ice, British Citizens, Ferrari, PURPLE Christmas Tree?

mendyc said...

Actually I think it's my son holding up the gang sign, yours has his hands in his lap. And the Ferrari owner got rid of it for a Porsche. Who's the champion archer and nuclear engineer? Do I even know half these people? lol