Monday, January 5, 2009

Dance the night away...

Last night I forced The Hubby into watching Superstars of Dance. He wasn't too thrilled at being roped into watching two hours of dancing, but y'all, he deserved it. He always has the remote, he changes channels every 3.1 seconds, and if I manage to snatch it away and look for an interesting program myself he says, "Hey, what was that? Go back?" at every channel and it drives me out of my mind! Paybacks, you know??

So anyway, I don't really like dancing shows myself. I prefer reruns of CSI. A good autopsy beats the tango any day in my book. But the commercials leading up to Superstars of Dance were intriguing. Chinese monks doing a Kung Fu inspired dance routine? I can ditch Gil Grissom for an evening to see that!

The show featured dancers from several countries in solo, partner and group performances. They were judged by a panel of judges from each country on a scale of 1-10. Most of the judges were very fair...with the exception of Argentina. In my opinion, she needs to clean her glasses! Or possibly she was watching some other show instead because she certainly didn't see what we saw!

Some of the dancers did routines that represented their culture...India, China and Ireland come to mind. Ireland's River Dance type thing group was awesome. The South African group stomped and sang with absolutely no music...very cool. Unfortunately the United States solo dancer was umm...well...I'm pretty he was doing an impression of a robotic inchworm? He didn't actually DANCE at all. He just sort of writhed around on the floor like an impaled cockroach. Terrible representation of dance in the US. I'm thinking they could have found someone to break dance, tap dance, ballet, clog or even hula and they would have gotten better scores.

For me, the performance of the night was the Chinese monks! The were nothing short of amazing. They flipped and danced and twirled and growled and jumped and well...they stole the show. Too bad they left them for last because I was almost asleep, but it made the whole show worth watching! And it made me want to take up Kung Fu. Well...almost!

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a Tonggu Momma said...

I can't believe I missed this! And guess what we were watching? (Blush) A rerun of CSI using our DVR.