Monday, January 5, 2009

4'9" is the magic number?

All right. Put your two cents worth in on this one, if you please.

Pip Squeak and I were on our way home from the grocery store on the afternoon of New Year's Eve when we came upon a traffic stop. The ever-zealous highway patrol had set up a license check at know, to catch all the drunks! As we approached, I took out my license and handed it to the officer who glanced at it briefly (probably wondering who the heck it was in the picture since it's about 10 years old) and walked around to look at my tag. He came back to my window, handed me my license and then poked his head a little further in to ask Pip, "How old are you, buddy?"

Pip told him eleven, to which the officer repiled something like, "Oh? What year were you born?" Pip told him 1997 and then looked up at me and shrugged. And then the officer goes, "He belongs in a booster seat, ma'am, until he's 4 foot 9."

Please. Question my son as if he's trying to sneak a six pack past the cashier at a Quick Stop, and then tell me to put him in a car seat? He fits into the seat belt adequately. The air bag turns on and off according to weight. He's heading to middle school next year. At the rate he grows, he probably won't be 4'9" until he's 13 or 14. And anyway what about the girls at the high school who are DRIVING CARS at 4'9"? Do they strap themselves into a child seat before heading off to Geometry class? I don't really think so.

As long as he's in a shoulder/lap belt that fits, shouldn't he be fine? What are your thoughts?


a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm totally with you on this one! The Tongginator may well be in fifth grade before she reaches the weight limit. Sometimes our society feels it can regulate itself out of bad things happening. But - frankly - a sixth grader in a booster seat? Not with this momma.

The Momster said...

I think that personally The Doodlebug would be offended if anyone mentioned in her presence that a child should have to sit in a booster. I would have probably given the officer the 'you're crazy' look and asked him to submit to the breathalizer (can't spell!) test! LOL