Friday, September 5, 2008

Watch out world!

Quatro had his first session of Tae Kwon Do yesterday. He absolutely LOVED it. He's a little clumsy, but after all it was his first martial arts experience ever, he'll catch on. He practiced his moves for hours last night.

Fast forward to this morning...he offered to lead our morning prayer on the way to school. It was kinda hard not to laugh when he said, "God...please just make it so that I won't have to open up and go wild on anybody at recess today, Lord. I don't wanna mess anyone up with my Tae Kwon Do." Watch out fifth graders. Umm...yeah, cause after one lesson that boy's got some MAD SKILLZ!


The Momster said...

Oh I love this !

The Doodlebug has been taking Goju karate since January - everybody get Kung Fu Fighting!

a Tonggu Momma said...

And tomorrow night, in his sleep, he shall receive Super Powers. Watch out, world!!!!

AZ Chapman said...

mad skill eh I do judo want to battle some time

poppy fields said...

That's so funny. Having a fifth grader myself, I wonder what she's going to be like after her first Aikido class on Tuesday :)