Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Random Things

A young teen aged friend had somewhat of a "freak" accident yesterday. He was dove hunting. I'm not sure exactly how things happened, but his gun fired while pointed downward and he shot off three of his toes. The doctors tried to reattach them, but were unsuccessful. Of course, things could have been so much worse, but OUCH! Send up a few prayers for Tyler, please.

The Oldest has been under a lucky star lately. He has been pulled over twice in one week. Once for speeding, once for not having his headlights on. The first officer gave him a warning. The second reached in the truck and turned the lights on. That's it. No tickets. Thank you, Lord for nice police officers and no increase in our insurance, but could You please make him pay better attention?

After only two weeks, waking up early for school seems to be taking its toll on my twins. Quatro and Pip Squeak have been replaced by Grouchy and Grumpy. They'll be going to bed with no tv or video games at 8:00 pm this week. Yeah, I know they're eleven years old and they "deserve" a later bedtime. No they don't. They can't behave so obviously they aren't getting enough sleep. The more pleasant members of the family shouldn't have to be punished with their rotten attitudes. Also it's of lots fun to laugh loudly at the television and make a big deal over eating ice cream while they lie in bed fuming. A week of that should bring about a huge improvement.

How much eyeliner is enough for a 15 year old girl? Apparently there can never be enough. Darling Daughter and her friends spent two hours in Sephora, trying on makeup and getting fussed over by dudes in lab coats. Because, you know, a $24 tube of glitter eyeliner makes you look way hotter than that Mary Kate & Ashley stuff from Walmart. And who doesn't need a $51 tub of Meteorites for your face?? I know I always feel absolutely naked without my outer space gunk smeared on my cheeks. Good times, people. Good times.


WomensDaily said...

OMG that's awful! I can't even imagine the pain he was in. I'm sending prayers and positive thoughts!

The Momster said...

Toes - ouch! I cannot even imagine! Don't your toes effect your balance????

Good thing about the helpful police - I see people getting pulled over left and right here lately. Makes me nervous....

I hate the entire bedtime debate that takes place around here. I think we need to opt for something earlier than what we've been doing lately. Mornings are not fun.

LOL about the makeup. Tell them it's either the MK&A or they can go without ANY. That should work :)

Tammy said...

Wow, and I was so looking forward to the teen years! *sarcastic look*

That is too funny about the twins bedtime and yucking it up for them to hear. Hope it works.

kristen@nosmallthing said...

Oh my that made me laugh...the 'good times people' part. Meteorites. Haha! I've yet to hit the teenage years, but I'm starting to feel them creep in ever so slightly with my little girl. The sass is coming. It's comin'.