Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sorry, My Dear Readers (all three of you), there's not much time to post this morning. You see, school begins Monday and we have so much to do. Yesterday the kids went through every piece of clothing they own...including underwear. I have mounds of outgrown clothing in my foyer now. Who wants piles of worn out size 7 boys stuff and size small teen girl stuff?? Come and get it! It's going to Good Will this afternoon.
And so we are out of here for the day. We have to buy new glasses, find a book bag for one, shoes for two, hair cuts for three, and add a few pieces to wardrobes since the schools have revised their policies on flip flops and the acceptable length of shorts. Oh, and school supplies. And Darling Daughter wants to open a bank account.
We MAY get home in time to watch the Olympic Gymnastics tonight.
In the mean time, our house is being heavily guarded by the Kitchen Gate Patrol! Scaling doggie gates with weapons in hands...firemen, army dudes, rescue guys...we need not fear the safety of our home sweet home! Just watch our ankles when we enter!


poppy fields said...

Ha! My kitchen table is covered by a weird village of littlest pet shop and polly pockets. Apparently they co-habitate well.

The Momster said...

I love that picture - I mean, LOVE IT. At first I thought it would be attack dog on alert - but that was soo funny.
Have fun shopping. If they were to take flip flops away, I think the school board here would have a serious revolt on their hands. Everybody wears them - including some of the teachers :)
Have fun shopping...oh and did I mention, funny picture?

Jo said...

we still have three weeks b4 back to school but we have started getting set already. We went through all the clothes this past weekend and man I am surprised how much they have grown this summer.
I hate school supply shopping, I remember the school supplying everything...not anymore. We have to supply absolutely everything. UGH!
At least you know your house if 100% safe from intruders while you are away. lol