Saturday, August 9, 2008

How to enjoy a summer Saturday

Last day of Vacation Bible School = HUGE Family Fun Day! Here are all the instructions you need to have the best day possible!

And remember, this takes place AFTER you have performed a dozen songs for the parents and eaten enough hot dogs, chips and cole slaw to fill an elephant.

Stand in line for snow cones.

Eat so many snow cones your body temperature drops!

Plummet yourself down gigantic water slide and race for the end!

Plunge down gigantic water slide backwards!

And race for the end before the next kid falls into you.

Make sure to drink several dozen cups of tea, coke, Kool Aid and Mountain Dew and be certain to eat plenty more sugar, hot dogs, candy and chocolate cake!

Dunk the preacher in the dunking booth! If you don't hit the target hard enough, run over and push it! The preacher must fall in!

Scream and run around in the spray from the fire hose!

And before your mom makes you go home, eat some more junk...for good measure!

The best part of the day? The children collected an offering all week long. The boys deposited their money into one bucket and the girls into another. At the end of the week, the buckets are weighed and the winners are the ones with the heaviest bucket. The girls have won the contest every year! Well...not this time! This year the boys beat the girls by more than 22 pounds. The kids collected over 400 pounds of money. Normally the VBS offering goes to Hwange, Zimbabwe where they use it to start AWANA ministries. Every year a missionary from our church travels to Hwange. He has gotten to know the people of the village very well and we all look forward to the photos he brings back. This year, however, Zimbabwe is in crisis. The money is not going to start AWANA clubs. The money is going to provide food.