Friday, August 15, 2008

Feeling blah...

After much insistence from the Hubby, he and I have been doing The South Beach Diet this week. He read the book from cover to cover and was excited to get our blood chemistry back on track. Whatever. I have read the book before and attended a function where the author spoke. In my opinion, the beginning phase of this diet is TOO strict and not necessary. I think God made fruit and it's good for us, so why can't I eat some? And carrots. Carrots are good. They have beta-carotene.

But Hubby really wants to be healthy and apparently the only way for us to be healthy is to go entirely sugar-free and refined flour-free for two weeks. It's been 6 days. Six days of eating turkey bacon and eggs for breakfast. Six days of no fruit. Six days of boring dinners. The problem is that I feel TERRIBLE. I don't think he and I have the same blood chemistry to begin with or something. Because with absolutely no sugars at all? I feel grouchy. I feel grumpy. I feel shaky. I feel tired and mean, and I'm in a bad mood all day long. I don't feel like I want a large glass of sweet tea and a huge slice of cake...but I don't feel right at all. Maybe my blood sugar is not high enough now? I mean we're only eating white meat chicken and squash around here. And lettuce, but no dressing. And beans. Yum.

Have you been on this diet before? Does it take weeks to adjust? Or am I going to feel bad the whole time we're on it? Or is this a stupid diet and I should be watching calories instead? Comments?? Thoughts, please?


Paul and Chelsea Gour said...

My recommendation is that you stop that diet immediately. We have done that one and the Atkins diet and my husband lost over 50 getting "healthy" on them and then gained back 75 or more a year later each time. That is no way to get your body chemistry straight. I did a bunch of research after that and found lots of interesting info. Read The Seven Pillars of Health by Don Colbert (go to his website too) and then go to for more info. on correct body chemistry. You can even read some of the books they suggest under "additional resources for health education" if you need more information. Your husband is right, you do need to get off all refined sugars and flours and most processed foods. But you need to be eating lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds. We changed our lives a year ago and eat very little meat, dairy or sugar but still eat great foods and are so much healthier! Paul was 278 lbs (about 78 lbs overweight) and about to be but on medication for cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes (that was after years of dieting the South Beach way). Six months after applying the principles in Don Colbert's book and using recipes from The Two Sisters, his doctor was AMAZED! He had lost 50lbs, his cholesterol was perfect and his blood pressure and blood sugar back to normal. Email me privately if you want more info.

The Momster said...

Wow... I think if you feel that bad, I would stop. I think I've read the book before - one of my parents' friends was doing the diet. But I knew it was not for me. Keep us posted. Hope you're feeling more wow and less blah soon.