Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Birthday Blog

Once upon a time, eleven years ago, a mom woke up VERY early on the morning of August 14. The mom was 30 weeks pregnant and she wasn't feeling well at all. She woke up the dad and they went to the hospital, expecting to be home in a little while. However, those two baby boys in her tummy had other ideas.

By the time the mom and dad arrived at the hospital, the twins were on their way! And there was NO stopping those two tiny boys once they had made up their minds...there still isn't.
At 11:39 am, the first twin arrived. He was purple and couldn't breathe, so the doctors and nurses didn't let the mom and dad have so much as a peek at the first baby. They whisked him away, breathing life into him with a bag. He didn't make a peep.
This is Ryan, a few hours old.
Also at 11:39 am...only a few seconds later...the second twin was born. This baby was breathing all by himself and he was mad that he had to wait his turn! The nurses checked him out, wrapped him in a tiny blanket and showed him to the mom and dad before they whisked him away, too. The second twin made a little squeaky noise at his mom. The twins lived in the NICU for the first 2 and 3 months of their lives. They needed to grow and learn to breathe and eat and stay warm and make their hearts beat on their own. They had a few set-backs, as little preemies tend to do. When the first twin went home, the doctor said he would probably not learn as well as other kids. By the time the second twin was ready to go home, the same doctor told the mom and dad that he would probably never speak, walk on his own or hold up his head. The doctors were wrong.
This is Zach, a few hours old.
The twins grew stronger and bigger and had their first birthday. Ryan enjoyed every inch of his cake. Zach chose not to pose for photo ops since he was a little worried about all the attention.
The twins did have some difficulties to overcome. Zach does have Cerebral Palsy. Ryan did have speech delays and sensory issues. They both read, learn, speak, play, and love life like any other boy. They are happy, healthy, wonderful boys!
Here they are right before their fourth birthday. Look at those sweet little faces!! I miss those babies!! So cute!! Ok, I'll stop. But really, couldn't you just eat them up?

And here they are today...their eleventh birthday! My handsome little men. They are starting 5th grade together on Monday.

Happy birthday my boys!! The mom and dad love you so much! You are both kind, bright, intelligent, compassionate and most important, Christian, young men. We are so proud of you both and so glad that God gave you to us and let us keep you!!


The Momster said...

What a wonderful post! I hope the boys have had a great day today!

jubilee said...

Happy Birthday, guys!

Jo said...

They are amazing boys! I hope they both had a wonderful birthday! HUGS!

AZ Chapman said...

happy birthday guys. sorry I haven't been reading souce I am going to add y to my blog list is that alright.

lonestar818 said...

What handsome boys you have, it's amazing to see how far they have come. I know I feel the same way looking at my twin boys too :). Seeing your boys now at age 11 made me choke up, my guys are 7 and growing up so fast.

Thanks for sharing their story!