Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big Happy Smile Day

I'm posting a little late today because Darling Daughter had an early appointment at the Orthopedist. Next week marks 5 months since the surgery to reconstruct her ACL and repair her meniscus. If you're interested in that sort of thing, you can read a little about it here. Anyway, after a long summer full of therapy and exercises, but no surfing, biking, volleyball, or fun stuff...and living with one thigh being smaller than the other because muscle disappears very quickly...she's finally FREE! The doctor has dismissed her to go back to normal activities and see what happens. She can even go back to tumbling as soon as her new bionic leg brace arrives.
Big, happy smile:

And in other news: The Hubby came home from class last night and sat down to eat a late dinner. I joined him at the table and we talked about our day. As we were talking, a strange and eerie sound could be heard nearby. What was that? Talk some more. Strange, eerie noise again. What?? IS?? That? I got up, followed the sound and opened the front door...only to SON, standing in the dark, HOWLING at the moon! That's what I get for letting him read White Fang.
I should have known he would have to see what it felt like to be a lonely wolf-dog.
I'm not saying which boy it was, but if you've been reading here for any length of time at all, you will know. There's only one kid qualified for the straight jackets here.

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The Momster said...

Y E A H! That is great news about her ACL... I know you guys are thrilled!

Howling at the Moon - sure he wasn't channeling another 70s rock star (ie, Daughter is Gene Simmons)? LOL

How's Hubby's classes coming along?