Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wounded in Action

He fell at my feet this morning when I opened the dryer door. Clearly, he has been through it all. Ripped from the 10 year old's pocket by the dangerous, roaring waters of the heavy wash cycle, holding his breath through the extra rinse, the excessive G's created by the spin cycle, the intense heat required to dry a full load of laundry! This soldier has faced hard times.
I happen to know that he has fought valiantly in several Living Room Battles against little, green, plastic Army guys.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to locate his lower half to reattach.
When I get home, I will have to consult Commander Ryan as to the proper disposal (I mean, burial) proceedings for this brave fighter.


The Momster said...

That is too funny! I certainly hope that the troops can recover from losing such a brave soldier.

Jo said...

my thoughts and prayers are with the family of the fallen soldier. God Bless. LOL!
Loved this blog.