Tuesday, July 29, 2008

They did it!

Darling Daughter passed her written exam and is now the proud owner of a Learner's Permit!

Since she has only been behind the wheel once or twice before (and only driven up and down our driveway) I didn't let her drive home from the DMV. I did pull over in our neighborhood, though, and let her take us the rest of the way. She did very well! Giggles and all. Her dad even videotaped her driving down our street. The woman at the DMV was especially pleasant and helpful, (no really, she was) and was excited for her when she passed. She even let Darling Daughter add a little smiley face beside her signature on her license. And I especially want to thank the obnoxious kids in the ugly green Saturn who PASSED us on a neighborhood street and flipped her off. How thoughtful of you to introduce my child into the world of road rage on her happy day. May the police be nearby to witness your next random act of kindness.
In other news...The Oldest, who accompanied us to the DMV, decided out of the blue that he wanted to try taking the test for his Class E Learner's Permit. This is the permit that allows one to learn to drive fire truck, rescue vehicles and other huge things that include big, shiny lights and loud sirens. He'd never so much as glanced at the manual on this...but why not give it a try? So he paid the $2.00 fee and disappeared into the testing room. Fifteen minutes later, he had passed the test and was holding a brand new license to learn. Ugh!
And one more thing...I am the proud owner of a new stove. Or oven. Or whatever it is. It's a GE Profile and it has sealed burners, convection, dual fuel and more features than I will know how to use...but I will learn! I can now cook an entire pan of lasagna at once! The NuWave will now be placed on a shelf!

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