Thursday, July 10, 2008


Darling Daughter has been fifteen for almost a month. She isn't allowed to date yet. Actually, she isn't allowed to go anywhere involving cars and young, inexperienced drivers, boy OR girl. Well, except with her brother, The Oldest. Consequently, she hangs out with him and his friends a lot, much to his utter delight! She is allowed to have a boyfriend, she just can't go off with him by herself. Parents have to go.

Many, many girls at her school have been dating for quite some time. Most of these girls are also the ones who were having manicures and highlights and wearing makeup to school in the third grade. I find myself questioning the judgement of parents who let their 14 year old mini-skirted, tank-topped, eye-shadowed daughter hop in the front seat of a sports car with a boy who's about to graduate and tell them to be home by 12:30 and "Have fun!" Right. Why does an almost grown boy want to go out with a child who's barely out of middle school?? And what is the result of a 14 year old dating an 18 year old?? Lots and lots of DRAMA. Crying in the bathroom. Stomping around the football field with a gang of girls glaring at the guy who wants to hang out with his friends. Leaving nasty posts on Myspace calling each other names. Dividing all friends into two groups who hate each other with a passion for at least a whole 24 hours. The 18 year old girls? They don't act this way so much. Why? Probably the four years they have had to grow up a bit.

We will let Darling Daughter date when she's 16. Possibly. I think. Provided that she has demonstrated by then that she has a somewhat level head on her shoulders. And um...provided that she brings home a boy who has never missed a day of Sunday School, had a speeding ticket, a car accident, a school suspension, and doesn't have to hold onto his pants in order to run. And she will need to be home by 9:30. Because her daddy will be tired by then, so they'll need to bring him on home for bed.

**Hi Darling Daughter, I know you'll be reading this today. I don't care what your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend's parents let her do! I love you!! Now get off the computer and get in the pool!**


The Momster said...

Well I completely agree with you there. I think that 16 is a good age - maybe - but not beforehand.

It's funny you posted this because last night at dinner, I told The Doodlebug she'll be lucky if her Daddy lets her date when she's 16. I pity the boy that comes to pick up his princess :)

Anna said...

so funny! And I love that you have kids that can READ your blog, I wonder what I will be writing about when my boys are old enough to care and read. hmmmmm! I'll have to stay tuned here and see how this part of life goes!